An Allegiance to Sustainability

23 06 2011

This week has been intriguing, my lifestyle is being challenged and I am being forced to change- for the better.  I have to be a go-getter for myself, and also for my community and for our future generations, those who will follow in our footsteps.  Things are looking up for us. I digress, this is something I have needed.


What am I going to do for the next four-ish weeks as I attempt to help save the natural world? A couple things.


First things first- Starting on Sunday the 25th- I will stop smoking cigarettes.  Something of a large comitment, or so I’ve heard, but I’ve only smoked with any frequency for the past 2 months (since May). This shouldn’t be too difficult now, should it?  I smoke about 7 cigarettes a day, or, 1/3 a pack. Why is stopping a good thing?  It will reduce not only my contribution to capitalism and corrupt American Markets, but I will also be reducing my consumption of products which are not only unnecessary (to produce) but also unneccessary to need to produce.

Here are a few nasty facts about my dirty little habit (I refuse to call it an addiction)

Global Ciggie Production: 5.5 TRILLION. That’s enough for every person on earth to have 868 cigarettes per year.

Tobacco production uses 6x the typical amount of potassium (in the ground) necessary for production of other cash-crops.

4.5 Trillion cigarette filters are thrown away yearly. Ponder about the impact of all those filters on insects & animals, water-quality, and appearances.

600 Million trees are cut annually to provide fuel to dry tobacco- a portion of that accounts for 5% of all deforestation in Africa.

…do I even need to explain the nasty chemicals cigarette-smoking releases and the (negative) effects on my body that are caused by ciggies?


My other commitment is a bit more demanding (in my mind). I’m going to be a weekday vegetarian, starting immediately.  I’m going to eat eggs. So, yeah.  I love eggs! What does this mean to me, well, it means that I will smell better (+not smoking), probably feel better and probably lose a little weight (& cholesterol?) I’m looking forward to helping contribute to spiting the mass-production of animals for consumption. Woo! I will need to buy many more fruits & veggies than I currently do- but I’m sure my spouse will appreciate my knowledge of which veggies are the best for what and why.

I think Graham Hill can explain for me, why, I’m doing this. He’s inspirational.


To sustainability, healthy consumption and earth.


Hello world!

21 06 2011

Welcome to my WordPress site, I probably won’t use this often, but if I do, read closely & stay tuned!

^sorta like a cop